Why I Love Neutrals So Much

Published On: Jul 26, 2019

There is one palate that literally looks good on everyone – and that is the neutral color family. I’m obsessed with how many ways you can wear this calm and sophisticated hue. It’s the kind of piece in your wardrobe that can truly take your outfit from day to night with just a simple accessory switch-up or changing from those cute tennies to a studded bootie.

The other factor I love about neutrals is that they make you feel confident, there is something about being so sure about looking great that boosts your attitude and therefore boosts your day. It’s also a game changer when it comes to making your skin tone glow. If you get the shade right, you can look a few tones darker, but there is also this perfect contrast that happens and can make your skin look like it’s glowing against the neutral hue.

Here are a few of my favorite neutral outfits and pairings of late – don’t forget to follow along on my IG for more neutral inspired outfits!

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