White After Labor Day…Relax, It’s Fine

Published On: Sep 04, 2019

Two things here – the ‘rule’ of no white after Labor Day was started to keep women from standing out in society past the Summer season. Women were allowed to wear white during the Summer months because it was a light color and helped in dealing with the heat.

Second, it was also said to help distinguish the turning of the Summer to Fall wardrobe, by leaving all of your white clothing at your Summer house and only wear cooler temperature clothes for the remainder of the year.

So, since we’re living in 2019 and we don’t have to worry about what we wear and since I live in Flordia where it’s Summer almost all year long…I’m gonna go ahead and wear white after Labor Day.

Here are a few of my white ensembles to inspire your screw-you-I’m-wearing-white closet for Fall…

Shop the above looks here!

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