Run Forrest, Ruuunn

Published On: Nov 03, 2016

Halloween has to be my favorite holiday of the year!

It definitely started as a kid – my parents were always very into decorating, dressing us up and dressing up themselves; and almost always in unconventional costumes. I remember going through a “dead phase” (dead bride, dead prom queen, dead soccer player, dead cat) every costume included a pale face and blood.

Even as a child, I don’t believe we ever wore store bought costumes, always diy. That “tradition” has carried on into my adult life and now as a mother. Props to my mom for doing it without Pinterest! I literally start pinning to my ‘Halloween’ Pinterest board for the following year’s costumes before the current one has even passed.

The options for single/couples diy costumes are limitless but coming up with original, creative and cohesive costumes for a family of four is definitely more challenging. I also favor pop culture themes so that too narrows my playing field and to make it even harder on myself, this year I had to figure out a costume that incorporated my husband’s unruly beard because “shaving was not an option”.

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! I’m already excited for next year’s costumes!


Creepin’ it real,

Forrest, Forrest, Jen-ay and Lieutenant Dan

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