One Size Does Not Fit All

Published On: Oct 02, 2018

“One size fits all” is not true for Women’s clothing and the same goes (if not more) for Men’s clothing too. At least women have more size variations than men – we have petite, plus, long, short and curvy.

My husband Nick is 6’4 with an athletic build so clothes that fit him properly are hard to find and almost always require tailoring. If the length is right, the width is off and vice versa. Big and Tall stores offer a very limited selection of stylish, quality clothing and even their sizing is flawed. Nick and I were both excited when Bonobos announced their line of Extended Sizes and were even more excited to see how they would fit.

Nick ordered items that all men need in their wardrobes and that are also pieces which 9 times out of 10 need tailoring in order to get a proper fit – in this case it was a Dress Shirt, Blazer and Dress Pants.

We are happy to report that everything fit perfectly, right out of the box! A first for Nick!

Did we mention Bonobos also has easy-care (no dry clean, wrinkle resistant) items in their collection too?! Nick’s Daily Grind Dress Shirt is one of those wash and fold pieces!

Bonobos has served a need for a very underserved part of the Men’s Fashion market with  everything from fit, to fabric quality, to price and even shopping experience. No matter what size or what style the man in your life is – guarantee he will find something he likes at Bonobos.

Stacie + Nick

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