❤️👍【PROLONG SIZE FITS MOST DINING CHAIRS】These plastic seat covers for dining room chairs with display size around 22×18 inch is large enough and perfect for most dining chairs with 19-21 inch in length. These chair seat covers also use self-adhesive strap at front to adjust the size to fit your chairs. ❤️👍【STAY TIGHTLY & EASY TO ASSEMBLE】These plastic chair covers protectors are simple to put on and take off. You just need to tie the adjustable strap at the back through the buckle and pull it to a proper position, it'll remain tight and unlikely to move. ❤️👍【WATER-PROOF & SCRATCH RESISTANCE】These dining room seat covers will keep your chairs safe from food and drink spills, scuffing, general wear and no need to worry about your children spilling meals or paints on your chair. Most spills, no matter what they are, will be wiped off with just a sponge. What’s more, the high quality P-V-C with high scratch resistance, which will keep your chairs safe from your cats or dogs.