Hat Styles You Need to Add to Your Wardrobe ASAP

Published On: Jul 22, 2019

It is an interesting confidence that comes along when you put a well-fitted beautiful hat on. It’s almost like putting the icing on the cake, you have your outfit picked out, maybe it’s just jean shorts and plain white tee, but then if you decide to put a wide-brimmed fedora or cool newsie on, it becomes a whole different look in an instant.

I have always been a hat person, I love trying new styles and I know that hats can be one accessory that women are scared to try. It’s one of those things that can alter your face shape and we all know that it sometimes can be a daily commitment. No on wants to wear a hat for 4 hours and then walk around with ‘hat-hair’ the rest of the day. That’s not fun. So, I have put together my four favorite hat styles and a few ways to wear your hair and outfits with them. Hats off (or is hats on?) to that!

Mat Hatter,

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