7 Home Interior Ideas to Inspire Your Next Room Design

Published On: Jul 28, 2019

When it comes to interior design, I’m all about keeping it simple with subtle pops of color. I’m not into super bright decor but give me some texture on a wall and I’m a happy woman. I love our home and am always adding elements to make it feel refreshed.

I love framed beds and am in love with the black against the deep red rug in our master suite. The contrast brings this hotel-like feel and the large windows allow a soft light to come in in the mornings. It’s like waking up at the Ritz every day! And the best part is, you can make any room feel this way by having floor-length curtains and a good contrast of black with a warm tone.

For our lighting in the house, I love when a fixture gives life to a room. If there is a bounce of light or like this one, a dancing shadow of light, it gives so much depth to a space.

You’ll notice in the guest bedroom, I went with the textured wall instead of artwork. The corner plant brings some color and the bed is welcoming to guests.

Our great room is bright and airy with my favorite piece being the velvety sofa that is in this color that reminds me of what ‘zen’ would be…if it was a color. It’s calming tone is the perfect element for the space and not-to-mention, it’s comfortable as ever! To bring this effect into your room, simply choose white furniture to be the focus and then compliment it with soothing colors in the green, blue, or grey family.

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