You can’t sit with us!

It’s not mainstream news but in the [Fashion World] it’s a pretty big deal.

To make a long story short, after Fashion Week in Milan, VOGUE editors released statements (which Neiman Marcus agreed with) calling bloggers and social media influencers “pathetic”, “desperate”, “embarrassing” and so on. I haven’t been “blogging” for long but I have been a passionate lover of fashion for as long as I can remember.

I can only speak for myself but in the year 2016, I do the bulk of my shopping online, with the majority of it being through brands I have discovered on Instagram and/or Pinterest after seeing it worn by an “influencer” whose style I admire or identify with. I have also over the years witnessed brands begin as Etsy stores and grow into multi-million dollar companies by marketing through social media alone. “Blogging” is a job and it’s only continuing to evolve and be utilized as a key advertising tool because it works – for the social figures, the consumers and the brands.

VOGUE and Neiman Marcus, you just lost a customer – and not just because I aspire to be one of these influencers but because you are “mean girls” bullying the group who follow and look up to you the most.


**mic drop** 


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