15 Summer-to-Fall Denim Looks

Published On: Jul 18, 2019

The time of year is coming up where the crazy trips to Target for school supplies start up again and that ever-so-nice ‘Summery’ feeling starts to lessen and lessen by the day. Along with the schedules changing again – is of course the weather! We’re still in the thick of heat waves over here in Florida, but I know there will be those evenings that one-by-one will start to drop a degree and the Fall outfits can start coming out! Yes, I break out my Uggs for 70 degree weather. #sorryimnotsorry

My love for denim and how many ways it can be worn is the focus in this transitional time of year. It’s truly the best thing for those days where it’s so hot you can’t think straight but then down-right chilly once the sun goes down. I’m also all for a Canadian Tuxedo no matter the season or occasion! Here are 15 looks I’ve put together to inspire your transitional wardrobe for the next month. Don’t forget to follow my IG as I am always posting new ideas for you on there, too!

Blue Jean Baby,

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